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Clinical Interests:

Post-partum Depression
Childbirth is an exciting life event, often fraught with blends of many emotions, and maybe even some major struggles.  Post-partum depression is a medical urgency. The mother needs to be promptly treated, both medically and psychologically.  It is also a family event, needing the cooperation of as many people as possible to get everyone through it.  If appropriate and needed, I can meet with the family as a whole to discern with them elements of the issues at hand.  If the new mother is able, I will meet with her alone and determine with her what treatment would be most helpful.

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder  (PTSD)
Trauma is experienced by many of us in life.  Most often, we get through traumatic events with support from others, and by doing our everyday activities and continuing social connections as much as we are able.  If, within a persiod of weeks after the incident, we cannot get past experiences of jumpiness, irritability, wariness of similar non-threatening circumstances, and are having difficulty with sleep, or enjoying activities of life, the trauma continues to cause stress, we need help with it.  Avoidance of talking about traumatic memories can cause the problem to become much worse over time.   PTSD is very treatable if addressed before too much time goes by.  I have many years of experience in the diagnoses and treatment of both conditions, and have had specialty training in the best clinical practices of treatment for both conditions.