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Fee Schedule and Financial Policy

Clinical Services (may be covered by insurance ):

Initial Evaluation (50 minutes) $230
Individual Psychotherapy (50 minutes) $170
Individual Psychotherapy (30 minutes) $85
Crisis Psychotherapy (1st 60 minutes) $230
Group Therapy (75 min) $50

Consultative Services (not covered by insurance):

Written Reports by request $75 per page,
$200 maximum charge
(phone, school, agency,
another therapist)
$170 per hour

Late Cancel or Missed appointments:

Missed or late cancel appointments are not covered by insurance and you will be charged the full fees as listed above.  Please note that the above stated fees are the amounts billed by my office to all commercial insurers, and thus will be billed to a patient who misses an appointment.  Medicare patients who miss appointments will be required to pay the “allowable” fees as paid to me by Medicare.

Failure to keep a scheduled appointment without 48 hours advance notice, not including weekends and holidays, will result in the full fee charge due from you at your next appointment. There are to be NO cancellations of appointments via e.mail from Friday through Mondays, inclusive.  These ‘no cancel or late’ cancellations will never be billed to your insurance company but are fully your responsibility.

Payment Policy:

Self-Pay Clients:

  • Insurance deductibles and coinsurances are due at the time of service. Payments can be made by cash in the exact amount or check made payable to: Virginia D. Reiber Ph.D.  Credit card payments for coinsurance and deductibles are also available when someone has been in treatment for more than one month.
  • Note: If your credit card is twice rejected because of lack of funds, you will be billed $30 per rejected charge and you will be expected to pay by cash or check at the time of service for all subsequent appointments.
  • As stated above, appointments cancelled without 48 hours notice will be billed to the patient. “48 hour notice” does not include weekends and holidays. Thus, to give adequate notice for a Monday appointment you must cancel the preceding Thursday. Charges for missed appointments or late cancellations must be paid in full at the next appointment.

Health Insurance:

  • Please bring your insurance card, or a copy of the front and back of the card to your first appointment.
  • Please check with your insurer to determine policy limits, co-payments, deductibles and whether your insurance for mental health has a “preferred provider panel” in which I participate. THIS IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.  Your insurance benefit relationship is a “direct contract” between you and your insurer. Therefore you are responsible to know the number of sessions (or dollar amount) your policy covers, if pre-authorization is required, and at what level I am covered under your insurance. Make sure that you receive the benefit description in writing and bring it with you to your first appointment.

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